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Tiny Wings 2 Teaser Trailer

Tiny Wings 2 is due for launch on 12 of July, that’s just 5 days away. The original Tiny Wings saw users play as a simply animated bird as it attempted to fly by growing momentum sliding down hills. The addictive and simple gameplay saw it stay at the top of the App Store for some time, and was even closely replicated on Android. Now, Tiny Wings is  back.

In the teaser below, no new details are shown. It’s a video which replicates the simplicity of the game itself and will no doubt contribute to the huge success that Tiny Wings 2 is due to receive.

Tiny Wings

The original Tiny Wings was released over a year ago, back in February 2011. The game was designed by self-taught video game designer Andreas Illeger. Much like Angry Birds, the game was hugely well received due to the very simple graphics, and even simpler gameplay. That, and the fact that people love cartoon birds.

Tiny Wings was never released for Android, and we doubt that Tiny Wings 2 will either. However, ‘Dragon Fly!’ uses the same mechanics and simple graphics to be called a true equivalent.

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