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Facebook Messenger Lets You Call Your Friends Now (U.S Only)

Facebook has rolled out an update to the iOS version of Facebook Messenger which has enabled the ability to call your friends directly from the application. The feature currently only works iPhone-to-iPhone and has only been released in Canada and the US so far, however it hopefully won’t be long until it reaches the UK.

The Facebook phone has been rumoured for a long time, but it seems that this is the product the company had up its sleeve all along. For many people, anybody they would ever call is already on Facebook, and a huge majority of them probably already have an iPhone or iPod Touch. By allowing users to make calls over the internet, Facebook may have just completely destroyed the need for adding lots of minutes to data packages.

No doubt we’ll see the feature come to Android and other countries soon enough, but there is still no firm date on when we can expect this.

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